Faculty Liaisons Program

The Faculty Liaisons program is designed to support student-athletes by partnering faculty with athletic teams.

In keeping with the educational mission of Bates College and the Department of Athletics, the faculty liaison program exists to promote the intellectual, physical and personal development of all students. As scholars, our faculty recognizes the importance of encouraging a culture of excellence in all facets of a student's life at Bates. By inviting faculty into intimate team settings, the range of resources for students is augmented. Faculty liaisons and coaches work as partners in knowing and assisting their students in all dimensions of the students' curricular and co-curricular pursuits.

Nearly every varsity sports team at Bates has at least one faculty liaison and the program continues to strengthen. Experience suggests that this model helps:

  • Give student-athletes an integrated learning experience, bridging their academic and athletic worlds
  • Reinforce the circle of support for student-athletes
  • Attract top scholar athletes to Bates
  • Promote understanding and communication between faculty, athletics, and students
  • Provide an institutionally supported means for faculty, students, and coaches to get to know each other better thus enhancing individual and educational relationships and mutual appreciation

The relationship of the faculty liaison to the student-athletes can be quite rewarding. By taking an active part in team activities faculty, athletes and coaches can develop meaningful relationships that will make the Bates experience unique. These activities should meet the scheduling needs of those involved while not requiring a time commitment that is unreasonable. The following ideas are some of the ways faculty liaisons can become involved and begin a dialogue between themselves and the individuals on the team they represent:

  • Stop by a practice or a game
  • Have breakfast, lunch or dinner in New Commons with the team and/or coaches
  • Get to know the names, positions and academic interests of each team member
  • Be a resource for student-athletes by being available to counsel them on academic questions as well as other issues pertaining to their experience at Bates
  • Go to an away game with the team
  • Sit on the bench during a game
  • Partner with the team on their community service projects
  • Be a recruiting contact for prospective scholar-athletes
  • Invite the athletes or a visiting recruit to sit in on one of your classes
  • Meet the parents of the athletes on your team at a game or postgame tailgate
  • Acknowledge the athletic and academic achievements of the team and individual athletes with an email or a call
  • Bring your family to a team function
  • Wear some of the teams' gear around campus on game days (as a perk you will surely get some from the coach)
  • Watch a webcast of a game you can't attend in person
  • Be a color commentator during a webcast

If you are interested in volunteering to be a faculty liaison to one of our varsity athletic programs, please contact Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty Malcolm Hill: mhill@bates.edu or 207-786-6066.