The Bates women's Ultimate team has competed at Division III nationals each of the last four years, finishing national runner-up twice. Women's Ultimate is one of 13 Club Sports at Bates. (File photo by Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

Bates Club Sports are competitive student organizations, recognized by Bates Athletics and formed by students motivated by a common interest. These programs are run by the students themselves with support from Bates Athletics staff and student employees that make up the Club Sport Organization (CSO).  Bates Athletics currently supports 13 club sports that are a great opportunity to continue participating in sports that you love or to learn a new sport entirely. Clubs actively compete locally, regionally, or nationally against colleges and universities.

Club Sports at Bates provide students opportunities for improving existing sport skills, practicing and playing for fun, and learning experiences organizing and administering club activities. Club officers develop valuable leadership skills including budgeting, scheduling, practice management and intra-club dynamics. The officers and staff of the CSO are committed to the personal growth and well-being of all individuals who participate. The organization focuses on the development of participants in the following areas: leadership skills, communication skills, collaborative effort, competition, and time management skills. 

 Current Clubs at Bates

Club Sport Council

The Club Sport Council (CSC) is the appointed advisory board for the Club Sport Organization. The CSC reviews and votes on new clubs, club constitutions, budgets and supplemental requests. Additionally, the CSC reviews disciplinary charges against individual club sports. The CSC consists of six elected club members, and one appointed Club Sport Supervisor. No more than one member from each club sport can hold a voting position on the CSC. If you are interested in applying to join the Council, contact the CSO at

Club Sport Organization Contacts

Location: Merrill Gymnasium

Phone: 207-786-6238

General Club Sports Email:

Scott Lehmann: 

Mike Milliken: